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It should be noted that the thermal properties of materials are among the most important material properties governing industrial heat transport processes. More specific, the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are the main thermal properties in the optimum design of industrial equipment used for heat transfer applications.

Moreover, the thermophysical properties of a material determine its use, i.e. materials with low thermal conductivity can be used for insulation purposes (in heat exchanger for avoiding heat losses), whereas materials with high thermal conductivity, such as metals, can be employed in electronic applications. From an economic point of view, the accurate measurement of material properties can have a considerable effect on the production efficiency of a company and on the price of the final product. The lack of quality material data makes a company liable to accidents due to the destruction of the equipment (equipment breakdown due to fatigue, corrosion, operation at extreme conditions, e.t.c.), or/and to the production of defective products.

Furthermore, the new device will provide to the market an affordable tool to perform accurate measurements of the thermal conductivity of all building materials, e.g. paints, bricks, mortar, etc thus facilitating the optimization of the thermal behavior of buildings being constructed. By being portable and easy to use it will enable evaluation and optimization of existing buildings’ energy requirements. This will result in an overall reduction of energy consumption of buildings providing significant economic and environmental benefits for the society and the national economy as well.