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Project Scope

The project’s concept is to develop a commercial instrument that will be used for accurate and quick measurement of the thermal conductivity of fluids and solids.

The new proposed instrument will be based on the existing Transient Hot-Wire technique that has not been used commercially so far. The main goal of the project is to transfer all the advantages of the Transient Hot-Wire technique to an industrial instrument, which will be designed to overcome the existing impedances that did not allow its wide commercial use until now and provide the market with accurate material property data.

The whole device will be easy to carry and to operate and it will provide significant improvements in the drawbacks of its current counterparts:

  1. The measurements of the thermal conductivity will be absolute (in fact it will be the first absolute instrument for measuring thermal conductivity available in the market).
  2. The uncertainty level of the measured values will be only 0.5% - 1%.
  3. The measurement time will be less than 5 minutes.
  4. The device will have a comparatively low price and there will be no need for high-cost peripherals.